Server Updates – 07/08/2021

Finally some Q3DF servers! And a small change that’s appreciated on Odamex! Here is the changelog.

Quake 3 Plus:

  • Changed from (the mediocre) ioQuake3 to Quake3e-based binaries.

Quake 3: Defrag

  • Created 2 servers:one with VQ3 physics only, one with CPM physics only!
  • Servers are using oDFe binaries for the dedicated server.
  • A small tool was created so that it downloads automatically the latest DeFrag maps. You can check the repository here.


  • Updated the binaries to the latest commit.
  • Any server with lobbies have small improvements, as several competitive players requested it.
  • Updated the Auger-Zenith survival to the final release build.

As usual, thanks for playing on our servers!