PREY 2006 Masterserver restored!

After days of works, I’ve finally managed to bring back the masterserver of PREY2006 that was shut down years ago. You’ll be able to see servers and add them to the masterserver too.

Installation methods:


Executable replacement (easiest method)

Please download the archive below. It contains the 1.4 executables with only a change of the masterserver. It’ll now point at .


Don’t forget to create a copy of your existing executables if you wish to revert the masterserver adress.

If you’re curious to know what I changed, here is the only difference in these binaries:


Through hosts

Although not recommended, you’ll have to modify your hosts file and add this line to redirect the previous masterserver address to the newest.

Simply ping first to make sure to get the latest IP address.


Simply add this line to your config:

seta net_master1 “”

Verifying it works

When starting up your game, open the console (CTRL+ALT+~). The game should attribute you a GUID, like this:

In addition to that, you should already be able to see 2 servers on MultiPrey:

Prey Event in September!

I’d like to point out too there’ll be a Prey 2006 event the 4th of September 2021! Please check this Steamcommunity link for more info.

Image taken from this link.