Server Updates – 12/07/2021

We made a minor update to our servers. Here is the changelog:


  • Updated all servers to the latest stable build.
  • Modified the switches behaviour on coop/survival, as requested by the community. They are no longer global.
  • Added a survival 1-life server on Auger-Zenith RC1! Because this mod is a must-play for all Cyberpunk lovers around here.


  • Updated the experimental servers with the new anti-lag system to the latest Git builds.

Quake 3: Plus

  • Updated the mod to version 1.32e.

Half-Life: Deathmatch

  • Updated the binaries.


We plan to modify the maplist on our Q3+ FFA server to include more popular maps, but I am currently waiting for the updated list! And yes, the Q3:Defrag servers are still planned. I just need to make a transition from one of our servers to another, and to continue building the maplist.

As usual, thanks for playing on our servers!