Community Rules Last update: 11/03/2022


Said rules are applied to all of our projects, that are:

General Rules

We won’t create a revolution with those rules, so here’s a simple and quick list to follow:

  1. Follow common senses, be mature and respectful to everybody.
  2. Respect everyone, not only the admins and moderators.
  3. Troll/flame-wars are NOT tolerated.
  4. NSFW content is not allowed, to the exception of an NSFW-channel accessible .

Zero-Tolerance Rules

BaseQ aims to be a neutral and respectful community to all of their users. However, it may happen some people have some kind of behaviour we do not want to represent. We will ban without any warning anyone who sends :

  • Any racist content.
  • Any sexist content.
  • Any transphobic or homophobic content.
  • Any hainous content.
  • Any doxxing attempt.
  • Any attack against X ou Y.
  • Any impersonation, regarding our team or members.

Discord-specific channel contents

Our Discord server contains dedicated channels for some specific kind of content. If you plan to spam these, please follow at best those rules:

  • Anything related to memes should be sent to #ship-toasting.
  • Anything related to anime/manga should be sent to #animu-waifus.

Help/Request channels

To make it easier for the staff to process requests:

  1. Use threads for each problem.
  2. Any help/support request has to be sent in #baseq-support.
  3. Any server-related improvement/request has to be sent in #baseq-requests.


If any of these community rules are violated, you may receive:

  • A timeout,
  • A warning,
  • A server kick,
  • A server ban of the whole server,
  • In extreme cases, a direct report to the Discord staff.