Opposing Force updates | 05/04/2023

We have made some changes to our Half-Life: Opposing Force servers. Here’s the changelog:

  • Removed OP4CTF_2Fort. This map doesn’t contain weapons. Unless someone provides a version of the map with weapons, it’ll be disabled (which is a shame, it’s 2Fort!).
  • Updated the maplist for the Free For All server. The server will now use a smaller maprotation with small, popular maps when it is empty or with very few players.
  • The server now checks if the user uses invalid files before connecting to the server.
  • Maps with slippery physics are entirely fixed now!
  • Maxspeed is set to 300 (for real this time!).
  • Reworked the mapvoting system to fix a few issues, and disabled runoffs.

We have noticed it some weeks ago, but there have been incredible activity on our OP4CTF server recently during weekends, with a completely full server at one point! We are absolutely thankful OP4CTF is still played as of today! So once again, THANK YOU!

Sadly, we do not know where the event started, but we would love to help them host more events on OP4CTF or in other games. If you have any news or know who started these, please let me know ASAP!