Adrenaline Gamer updates | 20/03/2023

We have made several changes to our Adrenaline Gamer binaries. Here’s the changelog:

  • Added a semi-permanent auto-spectator mode.
    • To enable it, just join the game as model “spectator”.
    • Once enabled, you won’t be able to join, unless you change your model and reconnect, or through an agallow.
  • Added a softban system.
    • Softbanned players can join and talk, but won’t be able to play. Model switches won’t be displayed as well.
    • There’s also a “(BAN)” status when chatting.
  • The server now displays a small message to ask to support our servers at the end of each intermission.
  • Added a new map: ag_crossfire_glass .
  • Removed the VGUI team menu, in case 3+ teams are playing.
  • Added an alias for “agforcespectator”, named “agforcespec”.

We’ve also updated the banlist to include the most recent entries from various sources.


As usual, a huge thank you for playing on our servers! ♥

If you want to support us, why not making a small donation to keep the servers alive, or even contributing to my Ko-Fi? \o/