Server updates | 18/02/2023

We have made numerous changes to our servers. Here’s the changelog:

Adrenaline Gamer

  • Fixed server crashes related to maps datacore, lambda_bunker & subtransit.
  • Server doesn’t show the next map if a match is played.
  • Fixed several colored messages and colored a few more for visual clarity.
  • Spectators are now unable to vote or to start a votable command.
  • Clear midprint messages during intermissions.
  • New spectators now shouldn’t disturb spawn rotations.
  • Increased the maximum amount of spectators allowed to watch during a game.
  • Fixed a few more obscure exploits.
  • Self-gauss protection is forced to ON.

Downloadable content should now be served using https.

Half-Life & Opposing Force

  • Changed the maximum speeds to 300 instead of 270.

Quake 3 DefraG

  • DefraG | Mixed #3 now has no more password.


  • Removed the modded server (for now).



… Hey, I didn’t know Adrenaline Gamer’s source code was such a mess, even with a quite old SDK. ;P

As usual, a huge thank you for playing on our servers! ♥

If you want to support us, why not making a small donation to keep the servers alive, or even contributing to my Ko-Fi? \o/