New servers for Adrenaline Gamer!

We have currently made a huge update on the Half-Life servers. Promod fans rejoice, as the known Adrenaline Gamer mod for Half-Life now has servers, BaseQ-style 🙂 !


  • Many, many server tweaks.
  • Servers are now using Bugfixed Half-Life as a new base.
  • One map crashed the server due to a missing file.

Half-Life: Adrenaline Gamer

  • 6 (!) new servers were created.
    • 3 Competitive-only servers,
    • 1 FFA-only server,
    • 1 Arcade-only server,
    • 1 Fun & Various (Arena, LMS, LTS, SGBow, Instagib) server.

These servers might not be 100% complete for now as it currently misses modern gamemodes and the most recent maps, but the servers do work perfectly fine.

Call of Duty 4

  • Temporarily removed the servers. We are planning however to redo the servers for promod purposes only.