YADU (Yet another DMC Update)

Another post, another DMC update. This time, several changes and maplist updates were done.

Deathmatch Classic


  • Completely updated the maplists.
    • A small maplist with popular levels is set by default when noone is playing.
    • New maps were added: dmc_dapak9, dmc_dapro1, dmc_hipend, dmq_dm6, dmc_dagon.
    • TDM’s maplist has no changes however.


  • Quad Damage now despawns on purpose.

Arcade mode

  • No more self-damage on rockets, but armor still goes down.
  • No more fall damage.
  • Frag limit was lowered from 75 to 50.
  • Quad Damage now despawns on purpose.


  • Fixed some grammatical mistakes.
  • Connected players are now broadcasted by the server.


Thank you for playing on our servers! ♥