CS:S SourceTV demos – 9th of June 2024

Thank you for joining in our weekly event! Playing all of the most popular competitive CS:S maps were quite surprising, and definitely gave back some particular memories… Especially all of these insane fragmovies back in the days.

Before giving out the SourceTV first, some stats.

We have logged the amount of players who joined the server every minute. It’s the first time we’re logging the activity of the servers, and we are really proud of how many players there were.

To be fairly honest, it is quite uncommon to see such vanilla FFA servers in Source, and seeing this was fairly surprising, and pleasant at the same time 😉.

Also, for the first time after these 19 events, we had to take action against not one, but 3 cheaters.

About the demos…

The Source 2010 engine has a very nasty bug that seems to happen a lot on games such as Counter-Strike: Source or even Team Fortress 2… Especially through demo-playbacking. Demos would randomly stop with errors such as this one below :

Unfortunately, playbacking these demos using the official executable is impossible, and editing the demos to remove these messages won’t change anything.

There’s a way however to correct this, but it is, in our opinion, quite bothersome to playback them. It would require hooking the game through external programs, such as HLAE and use a console command to bypass these error messages :

mirv_fix suppressHostError 1 

After that, these messages will be converted to warning messages, but playbacking would at least be possible.

Due to how problematic playbacking these demos are, we decided to immediately release these demos to everyone rather than giving them in advance for our Patreon members.

== Link to the Patreon post ==

See you next week!