New server, new migrations!

Attention everyone! HUGE news here! We’ve been able to afford a bigger, beefier server that would greatly help the whole community!

So far so good ; at the time of this article, all of our gameservers have migrated successfully, and have been tested with lots of competitive players. We’ve concluded the stability of the servers are much better overall, which is beneficial to all of our playerbase.

On that note, some old versions of some games will be removed from our serverlist (or transfered to another machine) due to some security concerns, but the counter-balance that, we’re going to host more modern and popular games. Also, there’s also a problem regarding Q3DF that will be explained further below the post.

General changes

Quake 2

  • Updated all binaries to the latest version.
  • Altered a few server ports for clarity.

Quake 3

  • Altered a few server ports for clarity.
  • Updated all binaries to the latest version.

Quake 3 (Dreamcast)

  • Removed the 2 community servers, waiting to be transfered somewhere else.

Quake 3 : DeFrag

  • Altered all server ports for clarity.

Please note that, at the time of this post, all the servers currently cannot communicate with the server handling all the records, statistics, and so forth. In addition to that, the servers won’t be seen in until the webmanager updates these values.


  • Some very slight tweaks were made to the fun maps server in terms of playerspeeds and items given to the player.

Half-Life: Opposing Force

  • Fixed op4_valor that crashed the server upon connecting. (How didn’t we notice it earlier?)

Half-Life: Adrenaline Gamer

  • Updated the whole configuration of the servers.
  • Temporarily moved the Patreon server to the new server.


  • Our community server is back ! (and require an official version of Minecraft 1.20.6 to properly work)

What we are planning

We’re planning to extend a lot more our list of servers by adding several games to our list. Our current ideas are the following :


CS 1.6

Condition Zero

Counter-Strike: Source

  • To be decided. Ideas welcome!

Quake Live

  • To be decided. Possibly a duel server? Ideas welcome!



  • Several survival PWADs
  • Several gamemodes that are in the works from Ch0wW & the FCT team.