Would you like some CS ?

Hold on. First of all, happy 25th anniversary, Counter-Strike!

We know several people from our community are here thanks to our Counter-Strike events we are managing, with help from ZnifferN and DeZolance. Counter-Strike as a whole is a series of games we have played and enjoyed for 2 great decades, and after testing waters, we’ve decided that it’s time to really do something, with the usual “BaseQ” touch of love.

We have thus created a few Counter-Strike 1.6 and Condition Zero servers! We attempted to make content that will please players from all skill levels… At least, we hope.

Here’s the small changelog:

Counter-Strike 1.6

  • Created a CS:DM server, with the existing mappool used in the FastCup league.
  • Created a server containing short maps and rush-like maps only.
  • Created a regular server only for our Patreon members.

We wanted to make sure that everyone could enjoy playing servers filled with immediate action. Please also note that we’ve decided to block the infamous CT shield as it was proven to be heavily unbalanced during our testings.

We are also taking submissions for custom rush-like maps ! Some maps are being currently reworked or remade, and we’d love to hear what could be improved so that everyone could enjoy them.

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

  • Created a CS:DM server, containing only _cz variations.
  • Created a regular CS:CZ server, with the a selection of the best _cz maps.

Condition Zero isn’t as played as CS 1.6 despite being the same game but reskinned… At least, its updated maps are still so very enjoyable and unique that we had to make servers for it.

VIP time!

Of course, our Tier 2+ Patreon subscribers do have some love too by having VIP perks. Here’s what you have:

  • VIPs are greeted when connecting (with a notification sound for all players)
  • VIPs have access to the “maplist” command, so that you know what maps we have on our servers.
  • VIPs do start the game with a minimum of $1000 instead of $800.
  • When losing a round, VIPs do have a bonus of $300.
  • VIP hours with limited perks will happen for everyone from 6PM to 9PM from Monday to Friday. Players will only be able to get the additional bonuses after a losing round.

We didn’t want to give VIP players P2W-like advantages against normal players (such as free grenades or armor on each round), so we gave them very slight money bonuses on losing rounds instead. You’ll maybe have a minuscule money boost for your buying decisions, but you’ll still have to earn your victory.

Servers should be visible on our serverlist at the time of the article.

But wait, there’s more!

Additionally, we’ve done some changes to these games:


  • [VIP-only] Added the maplist command (so that you can know what maps we have!)
  • Fixed a random crash issue.

Half-Life: Opposing Force

  • [VIP-only] Added the maplist command (so that you can know what maps we have!)
  • Fixed a random crash issue.
  • Fixed an important exploit on OP4CTF.
  • Created a plugin to hide the “time remaining” bug if you ever joined a CTF server before.
  • Added op4ctf_hysteria, op4ctf_testlabs to the CTF maplist.