Summing up the HL1 event + Happy VIP hours now available!

Half-Life 1 being the kind of game that takes way more energy and adrenaline than Counter-Strike given its speed, it was absolutely normal that the event lasted less than usual.

Huge thanks to everyone who joined the event. ❤

Quick statistics…

To our surprise, we actually forgot to actually start the service for the player statistics on the server. Oops on our end. As a result, the first 30 minutes of activity wasn’t recorded, but it could safely be said that, after watching a few demos, it was between 20 to 30 players.

Contrary to popular beliefs, Half-Life 1 is still a game that still talks to people even today, and we were really surprised to see how people had serious fun, especially on very brutal map that made everyone deaf, such as boot3, a simplier variant of boot_camp)

VOD (courtesy of DeZolance)

Do- Do- Do- DDoS…

Unfortunately the fun police came in at one point (thankfully towards the end of the event), and started with repeated DDoS attacks, purposely annoying the playerbase and our community.

We were notified at the very beginning of the attack that something wrong happened, and we have immediately contacted our server provider regarding this incident. Since DDoSing is an acknoledged crime, we, along with the server hoster will take further actions if these attacks are purposely repeated.

While we’re at it…

Of course, this event, or how rather how it was previously prepared, was an excellent opportunity to update the other Half-Life servers we are hosting for the community with additional content.

Half-Life 1

TDM server

  • Maplist changes
    • Removed gg_egypt, as it didn’t suit the general feeling of the maps.
    • Added sundown and zerocool_b24.

FFA server

  • Maplist changes
    • Added dm_lockdown, sundown and zerocool_b24.

Arcade-Lite server

  • Maplist changes
    • Added gg_egypt, dm_lockdown, bitterlemon, arcane, sundown, dm_lockdown.

Additionally, VIP Happyhours are now available on all our HL1 servers, from 6PM to 8PM (CET/GMT+1), every Monday to Friday! When you join a server that has it enabled, everyone will receive free armor, as well as being able to use the restricted skins.