Legendary games never die

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You love retro-shooters? So do we! True fact: modern FPS are unable to capture the charm of these ancient, yet still full of adrenaline shooters. Does that mean these oldies are left to ashes? Of course NOT! There are players that are still thrilled about these classics. And so are we. We help making these games stay alive by hosting a quantity of qualitative servers from all those iconic games we’ve played for decades: Doom, Quake, Half-Life… The list goes on!

Why not giving it a try? Everyone can have fun on our servers. Against neophytes to veterans, from competitive to fun servers, there will be definitely one server from us you will love. 😎

News & Updates

Adrenaline Gamer Updates – 04/12/2023

An update for Adrenaline Gamer has been published on our...
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Changes & Important informations regarding HL 25th anniversary!

We are proud to announce a huge update to our...
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Opening a new Quake 3 Arena server!

We have opened a new Quake 3 Arena server, with...
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Deathmatch Classic update | 08/07/2023

A small Deathmatch classic update has been applied in our...
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New Deathmatch Classic update

We are pleased to announce another content update for Deathmatch...
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Opposing Force updates | 05/04/2023

We have made some changes to our Half-Life: Opposing Force...
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Adrenaline Gamer updates | 20/03/2023

We have made several changes to our Adrenaline Gamer binaries....
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Server updates | 18/02/2023

We have made numerous changes to our servers. Here's the...
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More updates for Adrenaline Gamer!

A few days ago, we have created several Adrenaline Gamer...
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New servers for Adrenaline Gamer!

We have currently made a huge update on the Half-Life...
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