Server Updates – 28/09/2021

We added a few Half-Life servers in our server cluster as well as a few other changes. Here’s the changelog:

Half-Life: Opposing Force

  • Added a FFA server! Maplist is small at the moment but more maps are planned.
  • Added a CTF server! Now we’re talking, as this gamemode can procure you lots and lots of fun on GoldSrc!
  • Both servers can use Steam & noSteam to join the server.


  • Updated the FFA server, fixing a few issues and adding a very few maps on the list.
  • Also people can use Steam & noSteam to join the server.

Quake 2

  • Added lots of maps to the FFA servers: grieve05b, grom_dm3, ztn2dm2, alkdm15, grdm1, grdm2, grdm3, grdm4, bldstorm, deus, fleshref, frdm3, gotcha, shadows, randr, poodm1, paradm4, painklr2, pain_e, ohmdm4, nexus2, nedhyst, mortis, marics83tkc, marics71, marics58, lunout, krypton, jdab.

Other than that, a few changes have been done too on the website. You can see them already, but more are in the works.

Oh right, and we have a donate button, if you desire to help us keep the servers alive, as well as getting better servers for the future! Click on it to help us!