Server Updates – 20/09/2021

We added a few Quake 2 content in our server cluster. Here’s the changelog:

Quake 2

– Updated Q2Pro to the latest version.
– Added a Rocket Arena 2 server! It includes all regular maps from RA2, as well as 2, 3 single-arena maps.
– Added a Quake 2 Lithium server! We decided to create an arcade-based FFA server, with all weapons (except Railgun & BFG), some runes (strength/resist only). We hope you’ll enjoy them!
– Fixed the Q2Jump server not being properly displayed on the masterserver.

We also fixed an issue related to HTTP Downloads not working on every gamemode.



We plan to add a few more servers around, like ActionQ2 and several TDM servers. Right now, we’re currently focusing on polishing its contents and its maps included with them.


As usual, thanks for playing on our servers! If you wish to donate and make the servers stronger than ever, please let us know. We’ll publish the donation account very soon.