Server Updates – 06/10/2021

We have done some updates on our Half-Life and Quake 2 servers! Here’s the changelog:

Half-Life: Opposing Force

  • Added 14 new CTF maps (op4ctf_slingshot, op4ctf_twoworlds, op4ctf_tortuosity, op4ctf_supply, op4ctf_stronghold, op4ctf_storagearea, op4ctf_stillwaters, op4ctf_stalkyard, op4ctf_shockit, op4ctf_redgiant, op4ctf_mirage, op4ctf_gauntlet, op4ctf_furrball, op4ctf_base2fite4)
  • Server should be fully “FastDL” now.
  • Modified the default CTF map to be “op4ctf_crash”.
  • Modified the default Deathmatch map to be “op4_crozfire”.
  • Fixed a very minor issue for NoSteam users.


  • Server should be fully “FastDL”.
  • Fixed a very minor issue for NoSteam users.

Quake 2

  • Added some forgotten duel maps to the webserver.
  • Q2Jump maps are also being uploaded to the webserver.


Thanks for reading this. By the way, we have a donate link, if you desire to help us keep the servers alive, as well as getting better servers for the future! Click on it to help us!