Quake 2 got some more love today!

Greetings ! We have applied several changes to our servers.

Some of these changes have been made to free some resources, some were made to modernize a bit our structuration of how we handle the servers, and to correct some “non-standard” namings used by the community.

But most importantly, the most important change was for Quake 2, where we heavily improved all of the server settings, to be more modern and close to the KexQuake II remaster.


Half-Life: Adrenaline Gamer

  • Removed the Free-For-All server. It has now been merged with the “Various” server, and can be accessed through a vote.
  • The list of allowed Client DLLs has been updated to a much broader list. All known clients should be able to join without any restriction now.
  • Slightly renamed the Patreon-only server.


Quake II

  • Updated the binaries to their latest version.
  • Upgraded from Quake 2’s original Rocket Arena to OpenRA2. Its foldername will stay as ‘arena’ to avoid some unnecessary subfolders.
  • OpenRA2 has now a correct default arena map.
  • All hostnames related to OpenTDM has been renamed. This change should make it clearer for players.
  • Reduced all OpenTDM servers slots from 32 to 20.
  • Increased the InstaTDM server slots from 8 to 16.
  • Moved the InstaTDM server IP. Server port hasn’t changed.
  • the OpenFFA, OpenTDM and OpenRA2 servers have now variable FPS set to 40Hz to match Quake 2 Remastered’s framerate.
  • Fixed many problems encountered in the OpenFFA server, and updated its CFG to be slightly more enjoyable for all kind of players.
  • Slightly cleaned up all MOTD messages.

Important note about the 40Hz update: if you want to get the improved refresh rate, you will have to build Q2Pro with variable FPS support enabled.

Further changes will be applied to the InstaGIB server, moving from a TDM to a complete FFA server, with hooks allowed.


Quake III Arena

  • Updated the binaries to the latest build.


What we are soon planning to do

We are currently working on adding a few Counter-Strike 1.6 / Condition Zero servers. With some people of the community, we are thinking to create a server only containing retro/older maps of the classics. What do you think? Don’t hesitate to tell on Patreon.


Anyway, We appreciate your support! Thank you for playing on our servers! See you there 🙂