Stricter Adrenaline Gamer Updates

We are now making stricter changes to prevent cheating and ban evading in Adrenaline Gamer.

  • The client dlls are now checked upon connecting. We are currently only accepting the latest OpenAG (downloadable at and the official Adrenaline Gamer 6.6 Client DLLs as trustworthy sources.

We also reserve the right to check the Client DLLs that were denied and store their information locally.

  • The server will now attempt to check if the client is owning Half-Life to prevent SteamID evasion. We now require the user to set their Steam profile to « Public ». Otherwise, the client will be unable to connect to the server.
  • Periodically, we will randomly run phantom commands on the client. These commands will simply report to the server if any command known to be used by cheats exists. This will not, nor will ever touch any client’s CVAR.

In addition to that, the BaseQ community rules will also be modified in order to reflect these changes. From now on, any player that got flagged with the possession of illegal files or cheats will be sanctionned.