VIP Support for GoldSRC !

We are pleased to announce we have added VIP support on our GoldSRC servers along with a new Half-Life server!

Be aware that most VIP additions featured are not giving any sorts of unfair advantage whatsoever to players. These additions are mostly cosmetic, such as having support for more skins, having richer greetings upon connecting, and are only there to thank people from supporting BaseQ and the community that keeps growing.

We are however giving to disadvantaged VIP players some very slim compensation:

  • Giving VIP users 15 points of armor if being killed 3+ times without fragging someone (HL1 only).
  • Setting VIP’s money to $1000 if starting a new round with less than $1000 (CS/CZ only).
  • Giving to VIPs-only a small bonus of $300 if their team lost the previous round.

We are also giving some sort of Happy-Hour to a few selected servers. During these times, you’ll be able to use our VIP-only skins, along with getting some free armor points, to get more intense gaming sessions!


  • Added VIP Support.
    • Added skins support for Bond, GIGN, Leet, VIP, Guerilla, Combines, HL2Barney, Naruhi. These skins are VIP-Only.
    • Added limited VIP-HappyHours every day from 6PM to 9PM – only on the fun maps server.
  • Force-disabled viewrolling for HL25 users.
  • Switched the New Maps-only server to a more casual-friendly server, containing fun, smaller maps, resulting in faster-paced games.
    • When spawning, you are given a Shotgun along with a MP5 with max ammo.
    • Some maps might include a longjump on spawn, and slightly lower gravity.
    • The maplist is still experimental. Come join the Discord or put a comment on Patreon if you have suggestions for new maps.
  • Fixing a few issues related to respawning players.

Opposing Force

  • Added VIP Support.
    • VIP-only skins are the following: Bond, GIGN, Leet, Guerilla.
  • Corrected a bug related to people disconnecting due to downloading content.