Adrenaline Gamer Updates – 04/12/2023

An update for Adrenaline Gamer has been published on our servers. Here is the changelog:



  • Blocked models skeleton and fassn as they are considered as « unfair models » due to their wrong visibility or by having non-standard animations. Using any of these models will revert automatically to gordon.
  • Updated a few CVARs pointers , to prevent a possible crash related to HL25.
  • sv_rollangle is set to 0 serverside.
  • Set a list of « pure » sounds, similar to LLHL. You won’t be able to join the server if any of these sounds are modified.
  • Tweaked the values of Auto-AFK.
  • Fix an issue with spectators making sounds underwater.
  • Players who are AFK (default: 2 minutes) will automatically be moved to spectate games.
  • Refactored the spectator code, and added infos about the status of the spectator.
  • Players that went back to the Spectators queue in Arena or LMS are now silent.
  • Spectators are not affected by the FPS limiter (if applied).
  • Some very small bugfixes were done.
  • Updated the version to 6.64.

Thank you very much for playing on our servers. ❤