Patreon-Exclusive Adrenaline-Gamer server!

We created a Patreon-only server for Half-Life: Adrenaline Gamer!

Compared to our other servers, this server has absolutely no restriction regarding the allowed gamemodes selected. It basically is a private server where you could freely play with your friends and other patrons.

This server will also include a few tweaked things and additional features we might plan to add in our future Adrenaline Gamer server updates.


Link to the Patreon article with ServerIP and Password:



Q) What gamemodes are there?

– To keep it simple, all the gamemodes widely available in Adrenaline Gamer are available. That means that this list is used: « ehll;tdm;tdm2;tdm3;tdm4;tdmx;cbcup;hlccl;arcade;arena;instagib;lms;lts;sgbow;ctf;ctf2;dom;ffa;ffax »

Q) Can I share the password with others?

– You can technically share the password with a few players. The password might be changed from time to time if being a little abused, but you’re allowed with that.

The server will include very soon some additional securities (such as STEAMID filtering), but other than that, yes, you can share it.

Q) Can you implement that aiming gamemode with bots?

– It’s in the works, but yes!

Q) Does it support no-steam?

– No, and we will never support it on AG.