Server Updates – 23/03/2022

Long time no see, friends! The servers ran perfectly well for a long time that we haven’t written anything for about two months. Wow.

This update is just about small game upgrades, and a few community changes/additions that were requested for the last 2 days.

A few website changes are also in the works. We just require some time to make it as good as possible, but it’ll be beneficial for all players around. Stay sharp!


  • Updated the servers to the latest release.
  • Added axebeta1 to the maplist.
  • Removed experimental servers.
  • Temporarily disabled Rocket Arena and the FFA server, for migration purposes.

Quake 3 Arena

  • Added hub3tourney1 to the maplist (Original Q3 version of Dismemberment).
    • If you want to play the QL version, callvote the map dismemberment.
  • Added hub3aeroq3 to the maplist (Original Q3 version of Aerowalk).
    • If you want to play the QL version, callvote the map aerowalk.
  • Updated the maplist to reflect these changes.
  • Increased Hitbox’s size from 1.05 to 1.08 (Duel only).

Quake 3 Arena (Dreamcast)

  • Recreated the servers after a very recent corruption crash.


  •  Updated the server to the latest release.


  • Corrected the HTTPS website not being loaded for some unknown reason.