Want to support us and get in-game rewards? Be a VIP !

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First of all, we would like to thank you deeply for playing on our servers! We are providing since 2012 lots of great and fun servers for players of all skills, and we appreciate your support.

You might know however that hosting servers takes lots of time to maintain it, as well as costing money, and to make content that would please the community as a whole. To be completely transparent, the servers as a whole, costs about 1000€/year


Of course, please do not pledge if you cannot afford it.

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Table 1
Free VIP
Welcome notifications V V
Remove ad-messages
Get VIP happy-hours V V
Use exclusive skins (HLDM/OP4/DMC) X V
Slight Bonus armor after 3 consecutive deaths (HLDM/OP4/DMC) X V
+5% Bonus money after each death (CS 1.6/CS:CZ) X V
Helps supporting and expending our servers X V
P2W Bulls**t X X
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