Server Updates – 27/10/2021

We have made important updates to several games. Also, seasonal events!


  • Created seasonal events! Visible on the BaseQ webpage, seasonal events are servers with special, temporary unique settings!
    • They will regularly change from a month to 3 months to give a little bit of fresh air for everyone.
    • You can suggest ideas for games that aren’t having events on our Discord server (seen below)!

Doom (Zdaemon)

  • Added a ZDaemon Minigames v3 server. Try it, it’s mega fun!
  • Added a RJRandom2 v19 server. If you like rocket jumps, and procedurial levels, this mod is for YOU!
  • Added a newschool Duel server, on 0X-Duel-RC1! This is a favorite of Ch0wW since 2013.
  • More unique gamemodes will be hosted in a very near future, so stay tuned!


  • Created a Team Deathmatch server! It’s team G-Man vs Team Gordon. (Event October – November 2021)

Half-Life: Opposing Force

  • Created a Team Deathmatch server! It’s team Barney vs Team Otis. (Event October – November 2021)


  • Added some QoL mods.
  • Also added an authentication system, for better safeties against nick-griefing.