Server Updates – 15/12/2021

Salutations, chers joueurs! Christmas is approaching, but we’re here to bring some early presents!

Those updates are mostly tweaks highly requested by players, so here’s our almighty changelog.

Also, please keep in mind we’ve very recently started our Patreon! We strongly desire to create advantages for our supporters, but you can always support us so that we can still create fresher content for our wonderful community!


  • Added a Patreon server! We would be truly grateful if you could show your support! ♥


  • Added several christmas-themed maps from the community: ztndm3frost, aerowalkfrost, dm6frost.
  • Updated mvdsv & ktx to the latest build.

Quake 2

  • Added Q2DM7FFA on the FFA maplist.
  • Finally added all commonly used maps used for duels!
  • Added 2 Duel servers, 2 TDM servers, and 1 InstaTDM server.
  • Tweaked all OpenTDM servers to allow official web-based configs.


  • Updated to the latest version (1.18.1)
  • Removed the authentication plugin for now.
  • Server now restarts every day at 6AM.


  • Reduced the speed back to 270 (was 320).
  • [EVENT] Removed the gluon gun as a weapon.

Half-Life: Opposing Force

  • Fixed the welcome message having a “\n” at the end of it.
  • Reduced the speed to 270 (was initially 320).
  • [EVENT] Removed the gluon gun as a spawn weapon.
  • Removed all non-OP4 maps on the FFA server.